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Bringing you health and wellbeing through massage therapy.

Many people think of Massage as a luxury treatment, one that we indulge ourselves in during an annual visit to the spa and as such we associate it with pampering and relaxation. But in actual fact, massage has existed as a part of everyday health and well being for thousands of years throughout many cultures and countries such as India, Egypt, China and Greece.

The health benefits from massage only begin with relaxation but the treatments offer so much more than this. On a physical level massage can improve circulation of blood and lymph, drain lactic acid, relieve tension, aches and pains and headaches. On a psychological level, massage can de-stress, reduce anxiety and depression and promote a general sense of balance and wellbeing.

Massage can not only treat symptoms but it can also prevent symptoms too, and for this reason we at Prima Massage Therapy believe that massage should not be a luxury, but should be a part of our everyday health and wellbeing.

We take the time to get to know you by carrying out a thorough consultation. Through this we can give you a tailored treatment to suit your needs. After your treatment you will be given aftercare advice to get the most from your treatment moving forward, and a recommendation for further treatments, if required. It is because of this holistic approach that you receive an individual treatment plan made just for you, helping you to relax, rebalance and revitalise so you can truly be the best You!